Friday, January 26, 2018

True stories about Humanitarian Aid

Everybody knows how the laws for anyone work.
Wait a minute… but, each law, shouldn’t be for everybody by definition?
I must think about that later.
Anyway, they concern many more citizens on the shadowed side of the border rather than the other way around.
In fact, in the aftermath of the fair application of our rule, a series of large-scale arrests was carried out in a sort of colossal trawling without any risk of error.
All those who persevere in keeping their accounts in banks investing in weapons trafficking were arrested. Because selling death is a crime, period, otherwise, what are we talking about?
Yes, what is the focal point of the story, I think.

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

True stories about immigration 2018

First, take one or, even better, a couple of generations.
Even three, if you can.
It's like a soup, it improves with the addition, but a focused one, that's clear.
Secondly, identify a type of people who in some way live in a disadvantaged position compared to the majority of the population.
Let's say they're the red-haired ones.
I realize that there is an infinite number of variations of vermilion hair and that, even with the same tonality, the wearers of the latter possess so many innumerable characteristics that distinguish them from one another.
But you indulge me and imagine with me that red hair people are a kind of category apart from the entire human race...

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

True stories of modern slaves

In another room of this world they devoured other types of gifts, in a further but much worse way.
The client of such a journey into the hell of others entered to feed flames and wounds to his personal enjoyment, eating alive flesh as if it were virtual matter, with the ill illusion of being on a sort of roller coaster, or immersed in a video game, where nobody gets hurt and at the game over you can boast with the friends of the record achieved.
Yes, it was a game, it was considered as a pastime, this slow mess of souls, and if this happens in life, where it really exists, I dare not think what will be the Hades for those guilty.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

True stories about Trump and the shithole countries

From 2012 I’ve got an interesting anecdote.
In that year, some archaeologists discovered what is believed to be the first shithole of Southeast Asia, in a Neolithic village of Rạch Núi, in southern Vietnam. It dates back to 1500 before Christ and gave us reliable clues about the diet of the time, in this case fish and meat, in addition to the nature of the parasites that made hard the digestion.
In other words, tell me how you use the shithole and I'll tell you what you eat and what disturbs your stomach.
In the age of total espionage of the average citizen, now reduced to a sort of sensitive data colander - you world leaders make copious use of it, this is something worthy, both for the food and laxatives industry.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

True stories: I make way

Photo: BBC India
I make way.
I am a father and this is my job. I cannot just raise the arm with presumed authority and with a stretched hand pointing the finger at the horizon.
Because the already written and conquered goal is old stuff, and because it would be too easy for anxiously travelers behind to follow the worn out footprints. I would dare to say useless.
The peaks lacking of flags and memory are made of not yet pronounced dreams and hopes.
If there is no beginning of the way, like the end, the future path greedily awaits pencil and courage.
It waits for me...

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