Thursday, May 31, 2018

True stories of dreams

So, next Italy’s president will be a female one.
Let’s remove again: the new president will be young.
No... come on, let’s do more: a little girl.
There will be a baby-girl at the head of the Italic nation.
But let’s go forward, continuing to eliminate old stuff.
Enough with the ability to mediate between the parties, since ever historical leaders pride.
The girl child who will guide Italy to the new horizon won’t provide any mediation.
If something is right, it will be so.
And if something is wrong, it will remain so...

From Italian short stories, a dual language book

Thursday, May 24, 2018

True life stories

When the heart dies twice.
When the heart dies twice, it means that it lived, twice. And many more have enjoyed the benefits.
Because when the heart dies twice, arithmetic and its rules go out the window.
Because the love that subtracts creates endless empty, but when the operation is the sum, you can call it multiplication.
When the heart dies twice, you may cry as much, but they are defused tears.
They don’t delete smiles and gratitude for received and given gifts...

From Italian short stories, a dual language book

Thursday, May 17, 2018

True love stories

My name is Saverio and a smile will be my last word.
Yes, smiling, so I'm gone.
With joy.
Because I have died with it.
I want to emphasize this for my son.
He must not take the burden.
I would like to leave on his shoulders and in his heart all except any weight.
Lightness, this is my inheritance.
Well, I'm not referring to the small legacy he will find in my last will.
He knows that have been no richness in our family.
The levity I would offer as ending credits of my life concerns the bag of thoughts and emotions that will accompany him for the rest of the road.
Life is already itself fraught by heavy luggage...

From Italian short stories, a dual language book