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Burning forests in Chile to survive

Once upon a time there was a land.
A region, indeed.
Once upon a time there were brave people.
You might call them Mapuche.
You can call them the natives ones.
But you can surely define them as the resisting creatures.
Defending life’s gifts and what rests of human soul.
In a few words, being one with nature’s perfection.
So, once upon a time in Araucanía, Southern Chile.
When you may sadly see, right now, unacceptable rows of charred pines.
It’s a hugely desperate act, it undoubtedly is.
But it’s maybe the last, only answer.
Like these words explain: “We burned these forests as an act of legitimate resistance against the extractive industries that have oppressed the Mapuche people,” says Hector Llaitul. “If we make their business unprofitable they move on, allowing us to recover our devastated lands and rebuild our world.”

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Equality story

You've heard this story.
You've already seen this movie.
We already told this tale, all together, and we've lived it too.
We were all there.
All of us, and we'll be there tomorrow too.
We were Jews in Nazi concentration camps, and in the same place we were Roma people and homosexuals.
Wrong creatures, living mistakes.
We were also women.
Yes, women with the alleged insane idea to be something more than a man...

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