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Lalu Muhammad Zohri story: the champion without shoes

Once upon a time a dreamer.
A boy who could scarcely imagine to buy a pair of running shoes.
A creature whose soul was going so fast to overcome all.
Body’s and hard reality’s limits.
Once upon a time a champion.
The winner of men’s 100m race at the IAAF world under-20 championships at Tampere in Finland.
Once upon a time just an eighteen years old life.
The first Indonesian to win a medal at those tournaments.
But not the very first one to hope for that.
I'm not referring to the podium.
Or the cameras flashes.
Not even the brilliant gold.
Instead, once upon a time a whole world of people who just deserve a chance to run.
And show talents and value.
Be patient, my friend, and lots of them will arrive on the track...

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Thailand cave boys world cup final match

Once upon a time there was a world championship.
Another one…
Where you gets lose, it's viral news, never a good read, let alone to watch.
At the same time, when you survive the final whistle, there will be no autographs on the shirt and photos with dedication.
Nonetheless, this does not mean that you will not cry out of joy, with the cup called life tightly held in your hands.
On the screen, or in the cave, the final is now staged.
In its dramatically stretched extra time.
Because the fate of our planet is a cruel referee and it seems almost to taste in finding every pretext to postpone the road to the blessed shower, where to wash away the bruises of difficult living.
Meanwhile, down there, in the dark, they fight against the usual enemy.
So, run, watch hands, be magnanimous, for once.
Burn away the hours as if they were minutes disguised as seconds.
Since twelve kids, along with their brave trainer, still deserve a lot to play...

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